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We are specialize in Website Design & Development, Logo and Art work Designing, Flash Intro, Search Engine Optimization services, Online Marketing | Multimedia Solutions and customized Application Software for individuals, businesses and organizations.


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Its generally believed that approximately 80% of the website traffic in India is generated from major search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo support and that’s true. The majority of these search engines are accessed via Google Chrome & other web browsers; Internet Explorer is used by 25% of major people surfers. These search engines are considered to be quite useful as they generate sufficient visibility percentage of website viewers. The other 1,200 and real time growing minor search engines mainly pull their databases from the above listed majors in a city like Ahmedabad or a state like Gujarat or in the real world Google Promotion.

The remaining 16% of real hits comes from combination like, IT banner ad campaigns,traditional direct advertising such as radio and newspaper ads & people entering specific web addresses of well known companies.
Why is SEO important,one would wonder. Well, it’s because a very few number of people look past the first page while searching for something and hence, it is essential for a website to be on the first page ranking.


Bulk sms in India is a highly growing trend, almost all the businesses need to send text messages for various reasons. Whether it is about launching a new product or to make a nationwide announcement, bulk messaging is ideal for all.

We design as well as run your campaign and if you wish to create a customized bulk SMS campaign based on your own business needs and time frame, we will facilitate that for you too.

Today, bulk SMS marketing is a critical advertising tool for many companies. Sending bulk SMS in India is quite easy. It helps you to reach your target audience without causing any advertising wastage. It is one of the most popular tools of online marketing.

There are various messages of using bulk SMS marketing. With SMSes, your potential customers read the product details without having to waste a lot of time. There is a 90% chance people who have read your message will log in to your company website.

Using bulk SMS marketing, you can regularly update your clients about latest products, discounts, vouchers and super saver deals. It is an effective tool of mass marketing

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Lagenius Infocom is a leading bulk email service provider in Ahmedabad.Bulk email means mails that are processed and mailed in bulk at reduced rates.Bulk emailing is the most crucial way of communication between you and your customers.

Our dedicated bulk email server is very cost effective.Bulk emailing service helps save our valuable time.It helps compose easy and attractive mails,user friendly online interface,delivers emails fast and on time in bulk.It has html editor.Bulk emailing improves sales and increases your revenue.

Lagenius Infocom Solutions is the leading bulk email service provider based in Ahmedabad, with years of experience in email marketing and dedicated server management for bulk emailing.


Lagenius infocom is proud to announce the new offering for companies who wish to resell Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Service to their prospects, customers and clients.

Our Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Service can be catered using our web-based panel which allows you to create new users/retailers as well as resellers under your own reseller web panel.

We introduce to you the latest bulk WhatsApp marketing package which enables you to send messages to unlimited number of WhatsApp users globally without getting banned.

Our Bulk WhatsApp Software allows you to broadcast message and reach your prospects & customers WhatsApp Inbox on a mass level.

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Lagenius Infocom, one of the best providers of Website design in Ahmedabad understand the need and greed of people who want to expand their horizons and take their businesses to a whole new level and this is achieved by understanding your mindset and providing you with the best in the field to help you out with the same. Our professional and creative designing team of Lagenius Infocom Ahmedabad understands and implements innovative ideas,which enhances your business.The designing team of Lagenius Infocom Ahmedabad is truly sensitive and responsive to the needs and budgets of the clients.Our professionals work with ingenuity and output the most promising and efficient website designs.  Website design in Ahmedabad offers a great combination of skill and perseverance to help you reach the pinnacle. We build Ahmedabad Website Services to improve the first impression of your business. We highlight on gorgeous, informative and user affordable designs that create positive impressions for all your website visitors. We can incorporate any necessary graphics, special effects, flash works, audio and much more according to our customer’s needs. Our web design experts can design websites that suit your need and fit your budget.


Software developing has become necessary because customers need perfection and time saving, each and every task needs to be accurate and precise. Due to this success rate is high. Software developing is a process involving setting up objective, coding, testing, and then implementing. Lagenius Infocom develops softwares on PHP, ASP.Net, My SQL, JAVA. Our highly skilled project team understands the needs of the customers and works accordingly. The requirements of every customer is different.

A software development process is a structure imposed on the development of a software product. It is the process of developing software through successive phases in an orderly way; it includes setting up of objectives, design and coding. Software development is nothing but transforming ideas into potential software products.We have specialized teams to build a user-friendly software on the suitable platforms of hardware and software. We provide cost-effective IT solutions to the clients.

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